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5D Quantity Take-Off (QTO)
bim model.png

3D Modelling

QS-based Standard Approach of Modelling


Quantity Take-Off

 Compliant to Hong Kong Standard Method of Measurement



Accurate Cost Parameters

Cash-flow Forecast

  1. Standard Approach of Modelling (SAM), compatible with building information from different BIM softwares
  2. Hands-on command on various BIM software
  3. Internal calculation rules and freedom in customizing project-specific calculation rules, e.g. preambles
  4. Compliance to HKSMM4
  5. QTO
  6. QS professional judgments & necessary adjustments
  7. Accurate cost estimation and forecast for project, payment and defect management
  • Positive return on investment (ROI)

  • Data is provided in real time as the model is developed or changed which shortens design and estimation cycle time and the updates themselves are more reliable and accurate

  • Visual and data modeling capabilities translate into a better understanding of project scope. Formulas drive costs on each building system based on the specific design, materials, site conditions, phasing and other parameters according to the owner’s timeline

  • The entire project team develops an understanding of the proposed design, assumptions and cost drivers. They then have a concise and accurate description of scope, cost, and schedule—which directly impacts funding decisions

  • Aids programme certainty at tender stage, contractors can link their programme to the model upon the tender submission, and this should reduce the amount of variations required during the construction phase

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