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About B-BIM

Founded in March 2018, B-BIM is an intermediary consultant specializing in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Quantity Surveying (QS) and its implementation in the construction industry. We have extensive experience in a variety of BIM project types including Commercial and Residential Developments, Airport Terminal Buildings, Schools, Churches, Columbarium, Hospital, Tunnel and Infrastructure, working across different stages including design, tender and construction. We provide multi-dimensional services such as new build, addition & alternations, fitting-out and civil engineering.

In addition to our BIM and QS projects, we also invest in BIM software through acquisition and testing, as well as conducting our own research and development in primary and secondary software plugins, to improve BIM use and its value in our construction industry. 

We focus and specialize in providing full BIM consultancy services, BIM quality assurance and quality control management, QS consultancy services and BIM professional training in both Hong Kong and Greater China AEC industries.


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