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BIM Quantity Take-Off (QTO) with SMM
  • Pre-Tender measurement / re-measurement for lump-sum contract with drawings and specifications
  • Specialize in re-bar measurement
  • Efficient and accurate QTO submission before tender return
  • QTO based on BIM knowledge
  • Provide 3D BIM model except measurement breakdown​
Case Sharing: Disputes over Interim Payments / Final Accounts
  • Disputes between main contractor and sub-contractor over interim payment on work done
  • Sub-contractor staged a walkout of the construction project
  • Main Contractor intended to re-measure the work done with accurate information within a short period of time
  • Main contractor employed B-BIM for quantities re-measurements
  • B-BIM provided a detailed breakdown of quantities within 2 weeks
  • Main contractor was convinced by the re-measurements and agreed on quantities re-measured by B-BIM
  • Disputes have been settled and sub-contractor resumed to work
QTO data.jpg
Case Sharing: Pre-Tender Re-measurement on Schedules of Rates (SOR)
  • Main contractors shall always be borne with higher risks of under SOR contract with lump sum with drawings and specifications
  • Less chance to improve drawings and specifications when problems are discovered during tender stage
  • Main contractors intend to be awarded however they want to minimize the risk of approximation or short-cuts within relatively short tender preparation time.
  • Main contractors identify the needs in tender re-measurements through BIM
  • B-BIM perform comparison in quantities between SOR and B-BIM re-measurement
  • B-BIM could identify any missing items and raise tender queries in drawings for tender reference
QTO breakdown.jpg
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