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Common Data Environment (CDE)

CDE Establishment

Single Source of Truth

Exchanged Information Management

BIM Implementation Workflow

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Folder Structure

 Documentation Purpose

Data Consolidation

Quality Assurance

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Information Exchange

Multi-disciplinary Coordination

Data Drop at Key Decision Stages

Handover of AIM

Purpose of the Information Management Process:
  • Promotion of a collaborative working environment for all project participants
  • Creation of a common platform for sharing and exchanging both geometric and non-geometric information
  • Transition from Project Information Model (PIM) into Asset Information Model (AIM)
  • Transfer AIM from one service provider to another
Functionality of CDE:
  • Share and exchange data information amongst all project participants
  • Visualize all stored graphical and non-graphical information on a single platform
  • Develop, coordinate, revise and maintain data information contained in PIM and AIM
  • Customize BIM implementation workflow and assign responsibilities for different project participants
  • Conduct proactive construction quality management
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